Roasted Halloween Pumpkin Soup

  Autumn is coming, the season of hearty and warming soups. With Halloween around the corner a pumpkin soup is our pick. Creamy and with crispy croutons, this soup is a tasty appetizer or a light dinner with some seedy toasted bread.Try this simple recipe at home and surprise friends and family with the best…

Tastiest Chicken Adobo with Garlic Rice

Adobo is the national dish of the Philippines and there, enjoyed with the common garlic rice. Whenever I make Adobo my friends cannot believe how so much flavour can be achieved with such a simple dish.The chicken is cooked in a soy and vinegar based sauce which is tangy, sweet and very rich.

Chebureki – Чебуреки

This version of the traditional Chebureki is an incredibly tasty dish, that can be made with little preparation and  ingredients, most people have at home. For this cumin heavy version, I recommend adding some mashed potato to the filling, as it will soak up all the amazing meat juices and enhance texture and creaminess. That way…

Persian lamb chops with fragrant rice

Fragrant rice with cardamom and juicy Persian lamb and a refreshing salad. Try this dish at home and impress everyone with Middle Eastern cuisine and a clean taste of lamb and fresh ingredients that beat any take away, for less $. Do it like the Persians and wear that Lamb and cardamom like a perfume.Its delicious…

Perfect Spaghetti and Meatballs

  This is a tasty and simple recipe that kids and adults love. Tasty creamy Spaghetti  with perfectly juicy meatballs. Surprise your family and friend with this new take on this traditional combination.

Uzbek Lamb Plov – Плов

  This traditional Uzbek dish (aka a popular Russian dish) which is the favourite of many that grew up with it, combines numerous deep and aromatic flavours such as garlic, coriander seeds, lamb and of course cumin. Paired with a tomato and onion salad, this is one of the tastiest rice dishes I have ever…

Sichuan Style Squid fried Noodles

  The use of Sichuan peppercorn gives a numbing mouth feel and a unique tingling sensational. Dry, mouth numbing heat and amazing flavours. Try This simple stir fry dish at home instead of having a take away tonight in under 30 minutes.