Crafting a modern London style using traditional Japanese techniques.

After falling in love with sake on a trip to Japan, Tom and Lucy Wilson spent years learning how to make it, before setting up the UK’s first sake brewery in 2017 in hope of spreading the joy of sake in the UK.
“Our sake is made from just four ingredients: rice, water, yeast and koji (a magic mould also used to make things such as soy sauce).”
As huge advocates of the craft beer and craft spirit approach, we’ve been inspired to experiment with our sakes. That’s why with each batch we make, we mix up one ingredient – be it the type of rice we use, the type of koji or the yeast. It’s amazing the variety of flavours and notes you can get from tweaking one little thing. We want you to be able to explore a huge variety of fresh sakes, and we’re always keen to hear your favourites so we can go back and repeat. Because, once our small batches are gone, they’re gone!
Small batch | High quality | Sulphite-free | Gluten-free | Preservative-free | Vegan
Sake Bottle

Our opinion

We tried the cloudy Nigori Sake, which was for us a refreshing alternative that reminded slightly of the German version of a wheat beer with a smooth sake taste. It nicely covers your pallet and feels good on the tongue. 

We also made an amazing mojito with some of th sake using mint, grapefruit juice. brown sugar, cubed limes and soda water.

 The sake is easily pairable with food, tastes great, is well presented well in a beautiful bottle and locally produced in London’s first sake brewery. Priced at £15 per bottle, which is justified due to the limited volume and the great taste and quality .

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